Kids Classes

The Union School for Interfaith Families focuses on Jewish/Catholic traditions, history and beliefs for children in grades K-8.

Classes are taught by parents and supplemented with speakers and various educational opportunities.

Children are encouraged to partake in our music programs (ages K-2) and Hebrew Classes (grades 3-8). Both programs are optional and meet before or after regular Sunday School hours. We also have a First Communion Program for children in 2nd grade (although this program can be completed at any age after 2nd grade).

Educational Topics are taught in an age appropriate manner and expand in scope as the children advance in age. Topics include:

For the younger children:

  • Holidays of both faiths
  • Basic elements and philosophies of Jewish and Christian worship and rituals
  • Who is God? How does God relate to our lives?
  • What is a spiritual journey?

For the older children:

  • What is morality and how do we make right choices in life?
  • How does God fit into our life choices?
  • Traditional stories from the Old and New Testament and how they relate to our lives today
  • Life passage rituals, sacraments and traditions of both religious traditions
  • Understanding Jesus and his teachings (this is taught through a historical perspective with a Jewish approach to learning)
  • The problems that have occurred and continue to occur between Christians and Jews
  • How to make ethical and moral choices